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Can't reply to fraud check text


Can't reply to fraud check text

Hi, I received this text after making an eBay purchase but my phone says 'Sender doesn't support replies'. What should I do? [PayPal] Did you pay £nn.nn GBP to COMPANY NAME LTD on 22 February 2020? Please reply 1 if yes or 2 if no. [Reply needed]

Re: Can't reply to fraud check text

Hi @Lahauteur,


I am sorry that this has caused you frustration. replying to the text is optional. If you're unable to reply to the text message, that's perfectly okay. The text messages are just one way to report unauthorized activity. If the transaction was not authorized, you can report it through the Resolution Center. if the transaction was authorized, you can ignore the text message without taking action. A reply is helpful to the security system, but not required.


I hope this helps!




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