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Can't get through to paypal


Can't get through to paypal

Trying to get through to paypal after issues receiving payment. I messaged them last night and no reply. Calls say they have limited staffing then disconnect. Does anyone know the best way to contact them? Or what time their lines are open/best number to call? 


Banks are still open 24/7 so its shocking to see how difficult it is to get through to this company!



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Re: Can't get through to paypal



Paypal are not a bank, banks have many call centres in the UK and overseas.

Paypal is a payment processor with x1 call centre for the whole of Europe based in Dublin.


You should get a reply to your message but may have to wait a few days, problem being that as there are no phones available (or rarely) then everyone is messaging MULTIPLE times to try and get a response, the more times they message the bigger the delay for everyone else.


A lot of folks have been phoning and messaging when its a simple problem easily answered on here or via the FAQ.

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