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Can't Use our Paypal Accounts after 30.6.18

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Can't Use our Paypal Accounts after 30.6.18

I came across a warning from Paypal by chance when searching for something else in the Help site. The warning, which I hadn't seen anywhere else, stated that Paypal customers  (or is it users?) must upgrade their browsers before 30/6/18 and if this isn't done we will not be able to access our accounts after 30/6/18.  Such extremely important information should have been plastered all across the main Summary page of each account and/or users should have been sent an email by Paypal about this.  Is it genuine?  Has a hacker got into each Paypal account and planted this?  I really don't know what to think.  If it is genuine it is too important to be hidden.  What is going on Paypal?

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Re: Can't Use our Paypal Accounts after 30.6.18



I think its those that use the Linux system.......not sure though.

If you use windows then you should be unaffected.........hopefully.


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