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Can accounts be hacked by people sending you money?

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Can accounts be hacked by people sending you money?

This is the first time I have been asked by a person out of my area to send me money to my paypal account for an item I had online in my local area that they saw online.  I am generally only used to using it to rcv pymnt on ebay.

So I read that all you have to do is give them your email address.  If they have your email address, can't they try to log in as me and then tell paypal that they can't log in and they forgot their password and then change it from my email address to their password and gain access to my account?

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Re: Can accounts be hacked by people sending you money?



If you lost your password then to change it any link to confirm that change would go to your email address.

So how could they change it if they didn't have access to your email address?

Also if that was the case then the probably thousands of folks that you have sent emails to would equally be able to hack your paypal account wouldn't they.


HOWEVER having said that be careful as there are loads of scammers about............a favourite is to request a collection item but offer to send a shipping agent to collect it from you, you then get a FAKE paypal email saying that your buyer has paid and you have to pay the shipping agent via moneygram or similar before the funds are released = SCAM.

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