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Call Center in the Philippines?

New Community Member

Call Center in the Philippines?

Hello, Paypal Community:


Does anyone have a different phone number for Paypal Customer Service?  Every time I call I cannot understand the customer service agents.  I know they are located in the Philippines and I don't have a problem with that but their accents are so heavy that I have to ask them to repeat what they are saying numerous times.  The agent invariably gets frustrated and exhales into the phone as to demonstrate they are annoyed.  This lead to my being unable to answer verification questions accurately in order to link a bank account.


Before anyone takes offense, I wasn't born and raised in the U.S. so I do not have a problem with accents. I am most decidedly not ethnocentric - I would just like assistance from someone who is fluent (as I am) in English.


Can anyone provide any information please?




Re: Call Center in the Philippines?

Over the last 17 hours of calls I made I have created 8 voodoo dolls.
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