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Buying a car wising PayPal Pad

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Buying a car wising PayPal Pad

Hi, I want to buy a car off of EBay and the seller wants to use PAD,I’ve never heard of this until today.. He is saying I PayPal him the money, he then has the car delivered and I have 5? Days to decide whether I want to keep it or return it? Has anyone else done this and it has been successful? eBay buyer protection doesn’t cover buying cars so I’m a little wary. Thank you David

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Re: Buying a car wising PayPal Pad



Nor does PayPal cover vehicles for both buyer and seller protection.


Buying car tips:


You may be able to enable Pay After Delivery by going to Account Settings (gear icon) > Payments 

More about PAD:

But PAD is no guarantee since vehicles are NOT covered by buyer protection. And you can't cancel the bank payment, you can only elect to pay earlier than the 14 days. If you go ahead with this purchase, claims will have to be dealt with through small claims court.


When you buy a car, you have to go meet up with the seller/car and get it checked out first with a reputable mechanic, not pay first and then get it checked out. And even then you pay on the spot, at the car/title hand-over after you are satisfied with the condition of car.

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Re: Buying a car wising PayPal Pad

Ebay classified car advert scam. Pay £5000 for vehicle on Pad system , it gets delivered to you. 7days to check vehicle and send back before payment transfers to owner!! Lagos scammer or Russian scammer fraud! Beware of cars sold 20% less market value. Probably on autotrader too. Dodgy and deceitful. EBay needs to sort this fraud out quick. Unbelievable waste of time. Phew lucky escape I found this thread on Google eventually.