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Buyers Dispute

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Buyers Dispute


I have recently had a dispute opened by a buyer. I sold an iPhone X 64gb space grey through gumtree the buyer sent his friend who picked this item up the day after he submitted the funds via PayPal but listed the items description as someone elses product on eBay which was not the product I had sold to him. He has since opened a dispute so I've contacted PayPal and eBay and neither of them are able to help me close this dispute, I have been on hold to gumtree for near enough an hour and I bet they won't be able to help me either. So if you have to wait 20 days what would happen to the funds I allegedly owe the buyer as I cannot afford to lose an iPhone x to this scammer and 676 pounds.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Buyers Dispute



Depends what he opened a dispute for, if he had claimed non receipt then he would have won as your item was collected.

Collected items have NO seller protection and if you could not provide a tracking number that shows DELIVERY of the item to the buyer then you would have lost.


However if he has opened a dispute for 'not as described' then he may win if the description does not match the item. You should always send a money request OR invoice clearly stating the item that you are selling. If Paypal find in his favour he will have to return the item back to you before you have to refund.........lets hope he sends the correct item back or you may be able to do nothing about it.

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