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Buyer protection query

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Buyer protection query

Hi All, I would appreciate your help with the following query: I have recently purchased an item advertised on Ebay and paid via PayPal. The seller refunded the purchase price and sent me a message asking that I send the payment for the item to him via Paypal but to a different email address (which the seller described as his wife's email address). My concern is that if I send the payment to the email address given to me by the seller and if the seller doesn't send me the item, I may loose the Paypal buyer protection and be unable to claim the money back from the seller or from Paypal. 


Could you please let me know your views. 

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Re: Buyer protection query



Do not go ahead, accept the refund and go buy from a better seller.

I would also report him to Ebay for trying to evade paying his Paypal fee and leave appropriate feedback when able.

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