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Business account verification without registered business


Business account verification without registered business

Hello! I cannot find a detailed answer to my question, struggling whole day to find answer. Please help!

I have created a Shopify store (dropshipping products and selling print on demand products) and I would like to register a business account here on Paypal. I don't have a registered business yet.

I am planning to register a sole proprietorship but not earlier than in 2-3 months.

So I only have a passport to verify my identity and i have a tax payer number, I don't even have a document to verify my tax number, I will only be able to receive it later when I go back to Hungary and apply for it because I lost it, right now I'm in another country.

How is it possible to open and verify a business account without registered business or registered sole proprietorship?

Is it possible to use a Paypal for transactions but maybe verify later when I have all the documents?

I would like to start selling already, I don't want to wait.

Thank you very much in advance!