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Be aware of this scammer!!


Be aware of this scammer!!

Hey guys, I'd like to report a scam attempt on me to help others avoid getting scammed.
I'm helping my partner to sell his car so I advertised it on Gumtree. The day later I had a message in my Gumtree inbox: "if this is available, get back to me at ____ (her email address). Her name showed up as Angelina Robin.
Once contacted, she emailed back saying she wanted to buy it for the asking price, no questions asked, she just wanted me to confirm what the price was - clearly she was working on numerous fraudulent attempts at once. She then emailed saying that "for health reasons", she could only pay via Paypal (yeah, doesn't make sense). In the next email, she said she had paid and added £600 on top of the asking price for the "collection agent", asking me to check my SPAM folder and giving me bank details to a person called Brittney Campbell, asking me to pay the £600 into this account (as this was her "collection agent"). There was no money in my Paypal account and no email from Paypal in my inbox (where normally I receive emails from Paypal, only the fake Paypal email in SPAM folder that was also asking me to pay £600 to release the funds that will be otherwise "kept secure"!
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Re: Be aware of this scammer!!



This scam has been ongoing for about 10 years and all over the internet and this forum, glad you were not caught out.

Do not use paypal for a motor vehicle as you will have 0 seller protection.

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