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BMCreateButton. Problems with sandbox account


BMCreateButton. Problems with sandbox account

Hi all,


I have been in touch with PayPal's technical support team but have been waiting for a reply for a couple of days now. I really need some help as soon as possible, so I was hoping one of you nice people would be able to provide me some support.


I am trying to implement Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (as seen here: I have signed up to Pro, have been in contact with PayPal and have received confirmation that the upgrade was successful. I have managed to get this all working using a sandbox account and it's credentials found in some sample code one of the integration specialists sent me, but now I really need to get this set up with my own sandbox account (of course!). But despite my emails they have not responded to help.


I have followed the instructions (a few times now) to create a sandbox account (see page 61 from the link above) but none of them work with Pro. The only thing I can note is that the 'Verify Your PayPal Sandbox Business account' section must be out of date now is there is no such link in the My Account Overview page as stated in the second bullet point. The sandbox account I am currently trying to get to work has a balance of over £10K and has successful incoming transactions from my previous integrations with ExpressCheckout, as I have gone back to using my original sandbox account because I know it works to receive money.  I can confirm that the account is a BUSINESS-Pro account from, and that logging in from the site I can see that the account has both a Debit Card and a Bank Account assigned to it and confirmed. Yet on the Summary page there is still a notification at the top to 'Go to set up' - when I visit this page I can see the section entitles 'On your Website (Accept card payments and PayPal on your website.)' says 'Added to set up'. If i visit the 'Profile' page there are no notifications or anything to suggest I need to confirm the email address or anything similar.


So as far as I can tell everything is set up as expected. I am sending a request to the NVP API for BMCreateButton with `BUTTONCODE=TOKEN` and `BUTTONTYPE=PAYMENT` and I do receive `ACK=SUCCESS`, along with a `HOSTEDBUTTONID` and all of the rest of the expected response values. Yet when use this code inside the iframe the browser is automatically and immediately redirected to and I see the following error:

This transaction can't be processed. Please pay with another card.


This is before I even see the frame load, I have not inserted any details. Please note here that the integration itself does work - if I replace my `USER, PWD & SIGNATURE` credentials with those found in the sample code the integration specialist sent me then everything works perfectly and the iframe loads as expected.


What am i doing wrong here? Why won't my accounts work with this?


Thank you so much in advance!


Re: BMCreateButton. Problems with sandbox account

Just a quick update on this as I just heard back from PayPal. Apparently this is an issue with the sandbox itself and possibly not with something I am doing wrong. I have been told they are working to resolve it and will get back to me as soon as possible. I hope this helps anyone who lands here and I will keep this thread updated with any updates I receive.