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Awkward Customer


Awkward Customer

I am in a really tricky situation.

I research family history, have been for 24 years. I print off census reports, 1939 records

This lady sent me a 50% deposit of £125. She has been really difficult from day one.... very rude and disbelieving of my findings.

Her Father has a very unusual name so it was easy for me to find him on the census, however she didn't believe that it was him! I still to this day don't know why??  I sent her this census and I said " Is this your Father", knowing well that I was right.

She then sent me a very sarcastic video of her on an ancestry site, typing in her Fathers name and saying " I don't know which Mr.****** you are researching but it certainly isn't my Father, look, see it's easy I just type in his name and it comes up, this is what I am paying you to do"

She doesnt realise that I have to pay for many subscriptions to access information. She obviously did not know this. She is the only customer over 24 years that has reduced me to tears!

She told me that her Grandmother was born in Ireland, and I found that she was in fact born in Devon. Again she did not beleive me. "My sister told me that our Grandmother was born in Ireland so this cannot be the same person". I sent her evidence again

She told me to stop work, which I did, the next day she asked for me to finish the work and she will pay the balance.

I told her that I was not happy in finishing her work as she would probably scrutinise every detail that she would get, and will go on and on and on...... and maybe leave me a negative review on my website, which will not be good for future business. She want to take me to a small claims court! (for £125), now she is saying that if I do not refund her deposit within 14 days she will open a dispute with Paypal.

Any help or advice would be very helpful, are sellers somehow protected against these sort of issues?

Many thanks.