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Advice for buying from small overseas business?


Advice for buying from small overseas business?

I'm currently looking into buying a decorative piece from an overseas seller. They are a small business with a facebook page, have provided their email, whatsapp contact info, and local phone number, and I have read the few reviews on their facebook and on reddit. I normally purchase from Amazon/Ebay and have never had cause to file a dispute/chargeback.


I am wondering what precautions I should take before/during payment. My main concern is that the item may arrive damaged. While the seller's website states that items broken during shipping may be returned if no replacement is available, some reviews indicate they don't stand by that. If I do received a damaged item and the seller does not respond or simply suggests I fix the item myself, what evidence should I prepare for a successful chargeback/dispute and how likely is it that I can get my money back? Thank you!

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Re: Advice for buying from small overseas business?



That depends on MANY factors all listed in Paypals buyer protection policy for you to read so you can risk assess your transactions.
Legal (bottom right of Paypals pages) > user agreement > buyer protection.

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