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Account status


Account status

I hope you feel yourself well. I have troubles with my new Paypal account. I just wanted to sell on the Ebay.
Okey, my history with this account from A to Z...
I made new Paypal account for me for Ebay sellings.
I have account on the Ebay more than 7 years. There I bought a lot of items. Now I understand, that I can sell items too. Okey. Ebay system ask paypal account for these actions (selling). I created new account on the Paypal How asked me Ebay. Okey. I done registration and made others verifications on my Paypal account.
Later I tryed to type my debit card but something gone wrong. System don't gave access to add the card. Okey, tryed one more time, but system already gave me hold, because he think that on my account something gone wrong. Okey. No problem. In notifications I see that there ask me a lot of documents. Card statement and my address statement with payments for anything. In this statements you can see that there was seen my billing address, my last transactions with my card which I tryed add to paypal, my full name, my phone number and other.
And now I want ask you!! Why I don't have access use my paypal account If I made all what you asked? Okey, you unholded my account after statements, but I tryed add and top-up my account one more time, but your system don't gave me add this card again. WHYYY! I really disappointed and worried about this. Why all can sell on the ebay, but I don't??? Very insulting to understand this.
Thank you mate. See u

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Ask customer services.

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