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Account drained

New Community Member

Account drained

I received an email from PayPal stating there was an log in from Italy, I don't live in Italy.  I have a complicated password and two-step verification on my account.  When I logged in my account was drained, but no transaction history of who took the money.  Contacting PP to report this has been a tangled mess, to say the least. 

Has anyone heard or experienced this?  What did you do to resolve this?



Re: Account drained

This email is called 'phishing.' They are trying to capture your login information. If you clicked on a link in this email, then you gave the crooks your user id and your password(s). They were able to log in and drain your account. If you ever receive an email from PayPal, you should open your browser and key in the PayPal address to see your account. Do not click a link in the email - EVER!