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Account Limit, Confirm Identity


Account Limit, Confirm Identity

I received an email stating that my account is limited and that I need to confirm my identity. However, when I click on the link I get a warning, stating that there is a "Deceptive Site Ahead", and that I may be "tricked". What should I do? The email says <removed> but then it says <removed> 

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Re: Account Limit, Confirm Identity

I just had a similar email. It went so far as to show me the purchase that was made with my account, who made it and their address. When I clicked on the link, I noticed the URL was not Paypal so I didn't enter any of my log-in information. I then logged onto Paypal using their URL and the suspect charge was nowhere to be found.


Be very careful going forward and make sure the URL is Paypal's.