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About purchase from china


About purchase from china

Hi ...i am new to paypal ...i want purchase some mobile accessories from china...for that one of chinese marketer told me to pay money using to his paypal account doubt is whether its covers under buyer protection or not ...yes means in which way it covers and how to pay the money with buyer protection...tell me how to secure my to trust the unknown chinse person ...give me some tips ans suggestions for me ...

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Re: About purchase from china



You would have buyer protection if you paid via an invoice / money request that the seller sent you OR you used the send money > goods / services option.

However you would need to make sure that the item you are paying for is fully described when that payment is sent so you have proof of what you paid for.


Also paypal buyer protection is not a 100% coverall, eg if you received the item and it was misdescribed and paypal found in your favour when you opened a dispute then you would STILL have to return the item back to the seller at your own expense before you were refunded (sometimes that cost can outweigh the item cost).


So you need to read up on buyer protection so you can risk assess your transactions.

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Re: About purchase from china

First of all thank you for your reply and guidence i got more knowledge on this.... 1.Do you know difference between purchase through paypal and alibaba...and why chinse forcing or prepared paypal over alibaba.... 2.what is the gain for those and how i will get these advantages to gain myself Give some tips....