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2FA for Swiss Account


2FA for Swiss Account

Dear community,

I am a Swiss PayPal user. According google search I understand that two factor authentication (2FA) is not yet possible?!
Do you have any official roadmap for Swiss users? Please consider a login without 2FA as a security nightmare!!!

Thank you for your feedback!



Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account

Agree 100%

The biggest online pay service in the world but doesn't offer two way authentication in all their markets. Couldn't be that hard, right? Google offers this since years!

What is the status on this? Anything?

I would even pay myself for these text messages, though I think the security of your users should be worth it.


Please provide feedback


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Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account

I totally agree - 2FA should be mandatory in every country. If you consider SMS to expensive, there are always other options like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Security and certainly many others. JFYI, I use 2FA by Duo Security with Amazon and it works perfectly, even if Amazon always offers me to 'trust that browser' (why should I???).

Re: 2FA for Swiss Account

Hello everybody,


Thanks a lot for your posts and welcome at our community.


@CH_dude - Unfortunately we don't offer the security key in Switzerland at the moment. We appreciate your feedback and we will forward your feedback.


@Lukas_B52 - We do offer the security within many countries. In the most cases you can simply register your cell phone for the PayPal Security Key:

1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to the cog on the top right.
2. Under "My settings" click "Getting started" next to "PayPal Security Key."
3. Select "Order for free."
4. Enter your cell phone number. Confirm again. That's it.

We will now send you a 6-figure code by SMS. Please enter this code in your PayPal account and click "Activate."


Kind regards,






Re: 2FA for Swiss Account

Dear Fritz,

Thanks for your advice. I believe that this is exactly how it would work, IF 2FA was available in Switzerland. 
Since it's not, I do not have this option in my account settings. 

So I am very happy that PayPal offers 2FA in many countries. I just don't have any benefit whatsoever if it is not offered in my country which is Switzerland. 

So pretty please with sugar on top: Enable 2FA in Switzerland. Google does it, Amazon does it, I completely lack the understanding why on earth PayPal is unable to set this up?!
Do you lack the technical skills to do it, or is the SMS too expensive for you guys (i.e. The security of your customers is not worth a few cents of SMS fees)? Neither of these reasons shine a good light on your company. 


This whole thing is beyond me!

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Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account

#MeToo - I can't understand how it this time and age with all the security breaches going on Paypal doesn't even offer a simple SMS TAN or something better. UserID/PW is not safe anymore, makes me to repeatedly rethink if I really need Paypal that badly or better pay with credit cards directly - where I do have a sort of 2FA.

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Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account

Up this post. We need 2FA in Switzerland

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Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account

Any news about 2FA in Switzerland? Why not only use google authenticator ... should not be too hard to implement? I thought I only may activate it. That such a big player does not offer more is disappointing to me. I feel vulnreable by only using email and passphrase to log in.... So pls change that ASAP ... otherwise I may consider to use other payment options which are more safe and fast too.

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Betreff: 2FA for Swiss Account



Same here, without 2FA my company (and me) may consider to find a new payment platform. Please hurry up.




Re: 2FA for Swiss Account

It is unbelievable that NOTHING is available in Switzerland to improve the security of password authentication on PayPal.

I thought PayPal was a tech company and understood the importance of security.

Every company always gives lip service to how important security allegedly is to them, but it's action that really count. And from this I have to conclude that security is not all that important to PayPal.

I'm starting to look for alternatives today. Byebye PayPal, it's been a good 13 years.