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1099 K Problem with IRS Sent by PAYPAL in error

New Community Member

1099 K Problem with IRS Sent by PAYPAL in error

I received a notice from IRS I owe taxes on $155,969 from 1099K Sent from PAYPAL in 2017

There is no 2017 1099K on my account. I know how to find  1099K's and there is none listed for that year.

I received no copy of that 1099K from PAYPAL and I have been messaging them for a week (nobody at call center)

I thought I was getting close when they asked for copy of IRS letter sent to their Tax Department.

They just keep going in circles explaining how to pull up the 1099K which is not there and the explaining the guidelines for them to produce a 1099K.

I know all those things. I have asked seems like a 100 times for a copy of the 1099K for 2017.

I asked them to pull it up by my name and SSN which should work.

I NEED HELP quickly IRS running out of patience.

Thank you.

desperate Joe