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$0.50 total fee charged - what kind of transactions are these?


$0.50 total fee charged - what kind of transactions are these?

I invoice clients through my Harvest account. Usually, the fee I pay is 2.9% + $0.30 - which is what I expect.


But on a few occasions, the client paid me and I was only charged a flat amount of $0.50. I'm not sure how those clients did that, but I would sure like to know how so I can advise all my clients to pay that way!

I assume they paid me via direct transfer from their own PayPal account, but I cannot find anything in the fee schedules that show a $0.50 flat fee or even mention that lower fee option for any kind of transaction.


Can anyone help me with this?


Obviously, I am more than happy to pay the proper amount for the kind of account I have (I don't want to circumvent fees), but if I can save a few dollars, it would sure help me financially, especially when the invoice is for a higher amount and the fee gets into the $15-$20 range. Most of my invoices are for less than $100, but occasionally, I have invoices that approach $500.


Thank you,