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Warning- Do not use PayPal for buying and selling Bitcoin

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I used PayPal instead of Coinbase to buy Bitcoin because I figured why not give them a try. Mistake.

I bought then sold and now my funds are being held for up to 21 days. Yeah, try calling (once you have to go to the web to get the customer service number) and you get 97 menu options that you are asked to repeat even though you said them clearly. Finally if you do get through to a human (hint: keep pressing zero) you are "transferred" then told by an automated voice "we can not help you..." and then hangs up on you. This happened to me twice even though the second time a begged the girl not to have me hung up on...well, yeah gone again.


Back to Coinbase and I'll be looking to take my PayPal business elsewhere with this horrid customer service.

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