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Send payment through Facebook Pay with Paypal

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I recently sent a payment through Facebook marketplace for an item to be shipped. The seller sent me a link on Messenger to click on to pay for the item. During the payment process, I did not check the box that said send as gift or friends and family. I also paid some type of transaction fee. The transaction is also listed on my Facebook Pay history. However, it didn't seem like the seller needs to send the tracking info along with the payment as I have read somewhere else. Am I still protected as a buyer if anything goes wrong? The process is really confusing since I thought if you pay through Facebook Pay it will be protected. If not, how likely is it for me to be able to dispute it with a credit card company? 


Send payment through Facebook Pay with Paypal

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If you paid a fee then it sounds as if you didn't check the box to make it goods/services and so paid using the friends/family option.

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