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Rude seller (online course)

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Hi everyone, 


I purchased 2 online courses from a seller back in April, so the window for disputing is closing.  Both courses had an audit version and a 'mentored' version - I went with the mentored.  The course description claimed there would be written assignments and personalized feedback.  One of the perks to the online course is that you could go at your own pace.  I got about 1/4 of the way through without hitting any written assignments, so I and a few other people in the Facebook course group questioned it.  It turns out the instructor changed the format without telling anyone.  We politely complained, she got nasty and rude and somehow couldn't see the issue in quietly removing the interactive component of the course that we paid an extra $140 for (over the audit class).  Among other insults, she implied that I lacked empathy, decency and innate goodness for not being ok with it. lol


Anyway, she posted a notice to the group about the change, prefacing it with a novel about her recent medical issues to guilt people into saying the change was fine.  Apparently it didn't work, because an hour later she posted a link to the written assignment questions and said that she would grade them for anyone who wants it. 


So she's technically made me whole.  The thing is, she's also made it very uncomfortable for me to stay in the group/course, or to want written feedback from her.  She temporarily turned off my ability to comment in the course group, then started discussions in the comments where she referenced me and the others who questioned her (not by name).  She played the martyr card, talking about how awful it is when women tear other women down, that she's so grateful for the people who have supported her, that she chooses to believe that most people are kind and decent and good (implying that we're none of those lol).  She's just an ugly person and I really don't have any interest in dealing with her or her snide remarks for 2 entire courses.


Would I have grounds to dispute the charge for this course and the one whose format she hasn't changed (which I haven't yet started)?  This kind of passive aggressive atmosphere definitely was not in the course description.  She can't seem to control herself and act professionally.  I have screenshots of everything, if that will help.


Thanks, I appreciate the advice!


Rude seller (online course)

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too lengthy.

go review Paypal buyer protection and what product/service qualify for protection

Rude seller (online course)


I have.  It's not particularly helpful in regards to services.  


TL;DR - seller/instructor removed key written feedback aspect of the course without telling anyone, was rude and aggressive when questioned.  She reinstated the component after additional students complained, but continues to post unprofessional and disparaging comments in the classroom group about me/others who called her out on it. 


Am I entitled to expect professionalism?  

Rude seller (online course)

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You can open a dispute for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described OR account hacked and used without authorisation.

Paypal does not cover 'seller was unprofessional'.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

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