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Request for money from unknown cause

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I was informed by email that a request of USD 450 was pending in my Paypal account.

As I don't know the cause for such a request I immediately canceled it.

The references for this case are

Transaction ID according to the email  of advise U-5BD60905C91600129 (25 October 2020)

According to the corresponding request's detail of my Paypal activity the Transaction ID is different  U-0JP41050L64135916 which is suspect per se.

Amount requested USD 450

Request received from

Lisa <removed> (I have a corresponding gmail address that I can't put here <removed>)

As I never treated anything with this person, Is it normal to receive that kind of unsolicited request?

How is it possible for a person to perform that kind of request on my Paypal account?

Thanks for your help

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