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2 Paypal cards - Both declined!!!!

New Community Member

2 Paypal cards - Both declined!!!!

I tried to use my Paypal card in a shop and online - it was declined 4 times despite there being plenty of funds in the account. My partner also has a card, she has only had it for a week - she tried to use it for only the third time and this too was declined twice yesterday!! This happened last year to me, and it took forever to sort out on the phone, on hold for ages and I ran up a bill of £12 just to try and sort this out.

I emailed them and they gave me a number to ring. I replied and gave them a number and asked them to ring me. They refused and again, gave me the same number.


Why should we be forced to pay premium rates to sort out Paypals problems??? I will have to do this tomorrow for 2 cards once again will have a massive charge on my bill - why should Paypal make money from this?? It's a disgrace!!!!


Re: 2 Paypal cards - Both declined!!!!

I have the same issue, myself and my partners cards are declining and still are 48 hours later. It is cheeky they only offer 0845 number support, but this isn't PayPal's fault, it's the 3rd party PrePay Tec's fault. I strongly urge PayPal reviews their arrangements with this company to offer PayPal customers a freephone number. At the end of the day, I've had my card for about 3 to 4 years and I rarely ever have to call, when I do its always due to a failure at their end, why should I be charged for them to address their own failures? Puzzling.