Hello I'm not a question it's yea denunciation public's Ma That Hugo against PayPal for transfovia and thieves yevo a lot That Avis déjà do to use PayPal again used its services since I came to Canada and well as I am in an irregular situation of papers well it served me a lot for everything that is part of the bank because it turns out that I Two months almost without knowing what was happening and not even the return of my money I called and well according to them they were going to work on my account blocking problem plus the money to reimburse me because it happens that you are a transsexual woman who makes my life as I can seen that although my physique is a woman's of a woman my legal information is masculine and well I came That what I get is to pay me a roof and food love that no one knows what it costs me to try to maintain myself and especially with how expensive it is for me to stay because it turns out that after this deposit being without more money than the one I had to receive and that they believe because PayPal only blocked my money also when I send my identity documents I grab and also block the account In this case my passport where there is a face and a woman but boy's name Ocea that for being A TRANSEXUAL YOU ARE CHILDREN OF YOUR THOUSAND ........ I know the thank you for blocking my money blocking my account I also realized that there are payments that they made to me that if not that I know a little programming I do not realize I am shameless since they receive payment My account MAS THE FOCKIN ECHO DE SERVTRANS THEY DON'T DELETE MY **bleep**ING CUEBTA AND DIG WITH MY MONEY RETAINED BUT THAT I KNOW THAT I AM IS A DEBLAS FIRST PUBLIC COMPLAINTS THAT I WILL DO TO YOU IF I HAVE TO GO TO HELL AND CAGE IN A CAGE AND PELIar with the devil to get my money They give it back to me. I see this company crawling on the floor. I'm not going to pass
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