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New Look and Design for the PayPal Community


New Look and Design for the PayPal Community

Update:  Changes are now live. 🙂


Hi PayPal Community,


Later this month, we will be doing some Spring cleaning and making big changes to the look of the PayPal Community including updated layouts, colors, better mobile/tablet support and more! 😄  The current design has served us well since 2014 but it doesn't look like PayPal anymore.  We'll be updating this post with the specific date/time of this upgrade once that has been finalized.


Downtime is expected to be minimal ~ 15 minutes at most.  But you may see some things are broken for a short period after we complete the upgrade.  All main community functionality will be available and working but there may be some broken images while we adjust the content to the new layouts. Smiley Embarassed


Here's a sneak peak of one of the changes:

We're still making some tweaks so this is subject to change


Suggestions are always welcome in the Feedback section.


Thanks for your participation in the community! 🙂


- Frank

If you see a helpful post, please accept it as a solution or give the author kudos. 🙂 Thanks!
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