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web designer want access to our site

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Hello we are getting a webiste built using woocommerce and we are outsurcign the information through fiverr. the designer added a paypal button on site for for purchases to be made. he is asking for the following " Api Credentials> NVP/SOAP Api Integration> Client ID, Secret Key, Signature" if we give him this full info will he have full access to all of our personal information etc. we created him a developers account but some reason he said he cant use that please help. we dont want to compromise our information but we do want to get the site completed. is there another option for us to give the info hes asking?



web designer want access to our site


Hi Sions09, exposing the API credentials (either NVP user / password / signature or REST clientiID / secret) is not recommendable.

But in case the third party is developing your whole integration, and you trust the developer, then they need the API credentials to link the buttons to your account and to configure the API calls towards PayPal. 

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