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"Error - ID:-1 Application not authorized" + "Service unavailable"


"Error - ID:-1 Application not authorized" + "Service unavailable"

Hi all, we have this error shown in our native apps ("Error - ID:-1 Application not authorized" in Android and "Service unavailable" iOS, see screenshots) since months, whenever users try to finalise a purchase. We have investigated on online forums and contacting PayPal technical support, without success. We also researched BrainTree SDK and any other PayPal solution but no one offers a native solution for mobile user-to-user transactions.


These apps use PayPal Adaptive Payments since 2015 on a multi-sided platform (website + native apps) to allow users send money to other users with their PayPal account email. Now mobile users cannot finalise payment anymore because of the errors.


In > My Profile > My selling tools > NVP/SOAD API integration I do see an API signature, it's the one we requested back in 2015 to implement adaptive payments on both web-side and native-side, but it's not the same our developers see in the 2015 code of our native apps (key APP-59C55318YH3******). 
Do you know what this could depend? On web-side things work perfectly as we transact each day.
Thank you
PayPal-error-Android.gifAndroid errorPayPal-error-iOS.gifiOS error