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initial_fail_amount_action and max_fail_attempts when creating a Plan with a recurring payment

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I'm trying to understand what happen when I define initial_fail_amount_action field to CONTINUE or CANCEL. I would like PayPal cancels the customer subscription when the initial payment fails. If I set initial_fail_amount_action to CANCEL, will l get this behaviour?


Also, I would like to reduce the number of retries in a recurring payment (a renovation). By default, PayPal retries 3 times (a day after first failure, three days and 5 days) and then PayPal cancels the subscription. Does PayPal send to the merchant an IPN notification about the cancellation? What is the transaction type used in this case? Then, I've found that using the field max_fail_attempts I can reduce the number of retries after a failed payment. But, if I define only one retry, when will this retry be executed? a day after? three days? five? 


Finally, when max_fail_attempts occurred, what is the IPN message sent to the merchant?


Thank you so much for your time,



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