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capture payment skipped via API

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capture payment skipped via API

My business have hundreds of recurring payments . I have payment skipped event on a daily basis 

Unfortunately the customer does not get any email regarding the problem he have which is quite bad implementation from PayPal prespective but moreover, I can't really capture those events via the API (at least I don't know how) . 

Usually I send them an email manually and close their accounts  if the payment did not go through after the next attempt (5 days) however I would like to do it automatically it's really a hassle to do it on a daily basis . 


to summerize , 

1. PayPal team, if you read this - please send an email to the customer when his payment did not go through

 2. If anyone knows how to capture this event using the API I would appreciate if you can share how to do it ? 

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Re: capture payment skipped via API

We have this problem too which started on Oct 18th.  We have used the same code and system for years with no trouble.  I see other recurring payments going through normally so it's not all of them.  


What could have changed to have this start on Oct 18?  We are getting multiple of these per day since then.  Please help PayPal!  Thanks.