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adaptive payments

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We are a tutoring busenss and would like to use PayPal to split the total amount received from the student between us and the tutor. I checked with PayPal and they told me that adaptive payments API is no longer available which could have been use to do chained payouts to do the job. I check another article and it says adaptive payments is now called NVP/SOAP.


Can NVP/SOAP solve the problem and is it still available to use for my use case scenario and integration.





adaptive payments

PayPal Employee

Hi @lukemckenz 


Unfortunately, it sounds like the article was misleading as NVP/SOAP is not the same thing and can't accomplish that. However, PayPal has a new product called the PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces that enables you to have a "Platform fee" for the partner (you), then the rest of the transaction can go to the seller (the tutor in this case). You can read more about it here. This would be the best product that could accomplish exactly what you're looking for.


I hope that helps!


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