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Unable to Access NVP/SOAP API Credentials - Sorry, we couldn't confirm it's you

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I am adding a new website application interface to issue PayPal and guest credit card payments and am  unable to access my NVP/SOAP API credentials.  When I attempt to display the credentials I receive a message saying "Sorry we couldn't confirm it's you".  This appears to have started when I first attempted to access the credentials and the system attempted to verify my identity with two-factor authentication to a telephone number in my profile with a typographical error.  That didn't work, of course, because of the typo in the phone number.  I was able to add the correct mobile number to my profile and verify it with a texted security code.  I then removed the number with the typo from my profile.  However I continue to receive the "Sorry we couldn't confirm it's you" message when attempting to access the API credentials.


I can log onto the account fine.  I tried the workaround some in the forum have suggested by selecting "having trouble logging in" link at login.  That did not work.  I have not tried to send or receive money since this started, so I don't know how that's affected.


I have been trying, unsuccessfully, through messages to PayPal to get this problem corrected for almost two weeks.  Any advice or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

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