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Recurring payment via ec as a guest

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Recurring payment via ec as a guest


We have website payments pro enabled business account
we are based in Australia


We are looking at setting up recurring payments for one of our online services.

We have been lead to believe that we can create recurring payment profiles via express checkout without the need for a person to have a PayPal account (guest)

Using a SetExpressCheckout call we have included (along with the rest of the required variables):


Upon success and receiving a valid token, when redirected to PayPal, it is forcing the user to create an account (with no option to just input credit card/billing details).

I have ensured the appropriate option (PayPal optional) is set to true in the account profile settings page.

Is it actually possible to establish a recurring payment without the need for the user to have a PayPal account via the API ?


Please note we’d prefer all credit card handing be done by PayPal as we’d prefer to keep our services away from credit card details

Any assitance would be greatly appreciated



Re: Recurring payment via ec as a guest

Unfortunately, Guest Checkout is simply not available with recurring payments.  When setting up a recurring profile the user will have to log in with a PayPal account (or create one during the process.)

Angell EYE -
PayPal Partner and Certified Developer - Kudos are Greatly Appreciated!
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Re: Recurring payment via ec as a guest

We are a medical journal in the US rebuilding our online storefront.  We are facing the same dilemma outlined above..


Is their any update to this information, so that we could have users sign up for auto-renewal without requiring a PayPal account?


Please advice.