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Recurring payment question

New Community Member

Recurring payment question


We have a site where users can subscribe monthly. We are using paypal for that and it's working great for us.

However, I have few questions regarding some changes we want to make and we would like someone to point me to the right direction:


1- Can we create a promo code that will give someone who subscribe something like 50% discount for let's say first 3 months and then goes back to original price?

2- Can we have promo code that gives a 50% discount for life?

3- If we decide to change the subscription amount, either to increase it or decrease it, can we apply that to existing subscribers?

4- Can we have a promo code that we give an existing user, that will give him discount for next month or so? (that will happen if we decide to give complementary months to someone who had a technical issue with the site)


Thank you for any help or insight in advance.

New Community Member

Re: Recurring payment question

Any solution for this ? I have the same problem !