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Paypal integration with wix - recurring payment

New Community Member

Paypal integration with wix - recurring payment

Hi I want to know if paypal provide some code snippets for wix integration (I want to create a custom form on wix that leads to a paypal check out (recurring payment))


I link my discussion with wix support so you can understand my situation better, thanks for your help


Hi I need more clarifications about creating a custom form in wix. (I really need to have the same sign up/payment process as otherwise wix wont work for me.


so in the previous message Zhanna told me this << the plans you mentioned are created with container boxes, text boxes and buttons, this buttons are linked to other pages on the site. Each plan has separate page, when you choose plan you are redirected to the page with form. >>


Ok so the plans are created with container boxes and buttons. Does that mean that its not a real form, its simply text and image and buttons.

Or is it a special/specific container box that I have to use? The way I understand it, spectsocial did not use the payment plans tool (available in the Add member elements tab)


I understand that the trigger element they used is a button. But what was this button linked to? a page with a custom sign up form that leads to a paypal checkout?


Is this hole thing mainly a paypal feature?

I need step by step guidance to understand/accomplish that.


following with the previous support message

<< This form was added with HTML element.

You may use the HTML element to embed an iframe (external code or components) onto your site. For example, you can add a calendar or an external form.

For instructions you need to check this article: Adding HTML Code. Alternatively, you can try Wix Code to reach the effect needed. If you want the same form, you need to search for the relevant external code. Note, we are not able to provide support for third-party code snippets.>>


Ok, so is this third party code snippet provided by paypal? where can I find such code.


I checked wix code and found a video (see attached file)

that explain how to create a custom form. I understand the video.

My question is: can I create a custom form with that wix code tutorial and link it to a paypal recurring payment?

Is that what did?


I mostly understand the different parts buttons->custom form->paypal checkout

I just dont see how they can be linked together


Also, there is something that isnt clear for me. When I go to and select one of the plans, Im brought to the custom form asking for name, email, instagram id etc.


does that form replace the default sign up form that wix generate (the one asking for email, password & offer the facebook or google sign up)

because in the spectcsocials form, there is no password field witch makes me believe that its not even a membership sign up form, but only a form.


How did spectsocial got rid of the required/default sign up form in their payment process?