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Paypal Checkout on Woocommerce


Paypal Checkout on Woocommerce


I'm setting up a new store on WooCommerce. I'm trying to take payments through Paypal Gateway but no matter what I try, the gateway doesn't seem to work.

My account is a Business Account setup in India. Products in my store are priced in USD. I'm mainly targeting US customers so I need a Payment gateway that works in US.


What I've done so far:

On Woocommerce, I tried Paypal Standard where I can put in my email address and start taking payments. It didn't work. After entering card details on Paypal,it said something like "We aren't able to process your payment from using your Paypal account at this time..."


Then I tried this plugin called WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway, I went to the setup page and entered my NVP/SOAP API Username, API Sign and API Password. I had the same issue like above.

Can anybody please help me set it up?