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PayPal checkout not processing credit card payments

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We are using only PayPal checkout with our online shop (which is setup using Woo Commerce). Everything is fine when we do the sandbox. When we turn over to Live, I do the checkout, enter a valid credit card and address, etc, but PayPal refuses to accept the credit card. I get this error (still in the PayPal Checkout window): "We're sorry, that card can't be used for this payment. Please link a different credit or debit card."


I am not trying to link the card to a PayPal account, I am simply trying to pay the shopping cart total with a Credit Card.


The credit card is valid and details are entered correctly. I don't see any setting in our business account that is blocking CC payments, but I might be missing something. The business account is verified (bank account) and email address.


The online shop is setup using the Woo Commerce solution from wordpress, and all API credentials are set-up correctly. I am able to checkout and pay with a PayPal account.


Any help greatly appreciated!



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