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PayPal Checkout within Snapchat Session

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A large % of my sales come through traffic I send to our WooCommerce store (using the AngelEYE PayPal Plugin) via Snapchat stories.  There is a "Swipe up" link I attach to promo story post for people to buy products.  I've been doing this for at least 2 years but just recently had a friend ask why he couldn't pay with PayPal, so I tried myself and sure enough, the PayPal EC page doesn't display when I try to use EC from any of the placements on my checkout (cart, billing page, and the payment mark at the end) - no matter how long I wait the screen stays white. Video showing this behavior <removed>


Maybe this is a security block because the customer is shopping on our site within a snapchat browser session and it's not trusted to allow a PayPal login to happen within it?  


I wanted to ask here in case this was a new issue, I'm surprised I haven't had someone ask about this before so maybe it is new.






PayPal Checkout within Snapchat Session

Do you have logging enabled in the Express Checkout settings in the plugin? It would be good to get a look at the log file to see if the initial API calls are getting triggered, or if it's not even getting to that point.

It would be great if you submit a ticket to our help desk at Then our guys can get you taken care of.

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