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Live APP ID in Adaptive Payment

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Live APP ID in Adaptive Payment


It's been a little over a year since I've been working on putting into production a collaborative website based on the remuneration of contributors. All my infrastructure is based on the use of adaptive payments.

The architecture of my production platform is Easy Digital Downloads. They offer an integration add-on of Paypal Adaptive Payment that I test for about 1 year.
Today was the big day because my site is ready to go into production and I thought that the switch from test mode (sandbox) to production mode (live) was going to be easy and that I could publish my site in time…
But I have a problem that seems to question my whole project. I hope we can find a solution ... I can not fill the field "Live APP ID".
I was able to test all my configuration via the generic APP ID that you provide in the Sandbox for adaptive payments: APP-80W284485P519543T .... But impossible to get an AP ID for the live account !!

I have a professional account and API IDs ...

How to do ?

Thank you


client ID : NGZWT8GPE42N4


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Re: Live APP ID in Adaptive Payment



Did you find how to proceed ?