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Invalid Amount Response


Invalid Amount Response

Using UK Payflow.


Perhaps someone can advise me.  I am running an application (ZenCart) successfully.  I have a development version of the same site running on a separate server to work through the issues of php versions. Paypal Express has worked fine on the site for many years. I am in the process of fault-finding the installation on the development site.  When I attempt to initiate a connection I receive an "invalid amount" response like this:


RESULT=4&RESPMSG=Invalid amount&REQUEST_ID=1570476410&CURL_ERRORS=


When I investigate the data that is sent by cURL, it seems that there is a valid amount.  In array form, for instance:





Can someone advise whether there is some other cause of this response - for instance, either an authentication error or a Payflow error of some type? Also, is there a way of finding further information about the response? Can I contact Paypal and simply ask them why this response was generated? If so how?