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Fradulet Issue


Fradulet Issue

I am seller and one of the customer had placed an order with us and we have followed the merchant and buyer protocol. The order was shipped to Philippines and delivered to the customer. The amount for the order was authorize by the PayPal successfully, but when we went to capture the funds the PayPal is unable to capture the funds now. I had also contacted the seller and told her that she might be having some issues with her bank due to which we are unable to authorize the funds. But is thinking as we are fooling her. So she want proof that her credit card is not charged but only authorized. I had also explained to the customer what does authorization and capturing payments means. But she is now not believing even a single word.


Please guide me what step should I take to get my payments to my PayPal account. Please give me a answer to my query as soon as possible as I am facing a lot of issues with the customers. I'm tired of explaining the things to her.

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Re: Fradulet Issue



Tell her to read this:


You should read it also because it has important info you should know as well. Like for instance, if you do not capture the payment within 3 days, it may a harder time to get funds as customers may spend their money and the funds no longer there so you have to make a decision on order processing workflows. For example, if you ship every Tuesday, 3 days may not be enough and you may have to capture funds earlier and ship earlier.

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