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Enhanced Recurring Payments -- Initial Subscription PayPal Page Very Misleading


Enhanced Recurring Payments -- Initial Subscription PayPal Page Very Misleading



Already sent in a complaint to the email contact option, but wanting to make sure other people interested in the topic see this.


One of my websites offers some various options that use recurring payments (i.e. subscriptions).  And in order to offer the monthly subscription service, I am paying the $19.99 per month which according to the agreement ( also permits me to accept credit card payments from customer who DO NOT WISH to open a PayPal account


Now, at one time, the initial subscription page included verbiage, albeit very small, that said something to the affect of "Pay by CC without PP Account" option.  It was "weak" but at least it was there.  


During some recent testing, I now see the initial page has NOTHING on it about paying without an account.  You have to click on one of the two buttons:  "Create & Subscribe" or "Log In To Subscribe", in order to find such verbiage/options.  Both of these buttons clearly lead a customer to believe they will have to create a PP account to complete the subscription.  It is not until you click on one of these buttons do you see options (usually at the bottom) to pay by CC without an account.  This is very misleading and causes some customers to avoid the subscription service, which by the way, PayPal is getting the merchant fees for as well as my enhanced recurring payment fee.  I feel that is more than adequate to provide more accurate entry pages.


Now I understand PP is in business to make money and trying to drive people to create accounts helps that cause.  And if I were not paying a premium for such a service, I could understand [better] about making it a little difficult for people to do this.  However, given I am paying for this feature, I DO NOT APPRECIATE my customers having to hunt for this option.  Those of us paying the fee should have that option clearly offered on the initial page.


Myself and others paying for this option, are doing so to give our customers a choice.  Some have PP accounts, some do not want them.  Not showing that CC payments without a PP account is permitted is very misleading and can cost us customers which in turn means less fees CC fees collected by PP.