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CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) usage


CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) usage

Has an implementation of PayPal's "Vault" or "Transaction" API been done with CORS support?

Unless I'm mistaken, PayPal still has not released a serverless (JavaScript) solution for encrypting sensitive credit card payment data (go have a look at's Accept.js solution for a good working example), so with that in mind, I wonder if anyone has done their own CORS-enabled JS solution, where they use JavaScript to pass the sensitive payment data *directly* to PayPal's tokenization API (Vault), so that the only server involved with seeing the sensitive payment data is PayPal's? All of this in service of reducing PCI compliance requirements.

If I am mistaken though, and PayPal *has* released something like's Accept.js library/solution, I would love to be pointed to that. After over a year (off and on) of trying to find a viable working solution for this, I'm still struggling with the fact that PayPal still is lacking on this front. Again though, if I'm mistaken, I would love to be corrected.


Re: CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) usage

Hello? Does anyone have some input on this question? Can I get a phone number for someone that can discuss this? It's been over a week now, and we have some urgency on our end.