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Bulk subscription price increase

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Bulk subscription price increase



I am trying to find a way to bulk update subscriptions and i can't find a way or example. i found 2 posts about this on your forum but the answer directed me on this forum. Can you please help me to find a way? We have almost 2K subscriptions and to manually update them one by one is not a good way.


Re: Bulk subscription price increase

Are you working with "Standard Subscriptions" created via PayPal buttons, or are you working with "Recurring Payments" that were setup with the APIs?


If you're working with Standard, there is no API access to update those profiles, unfortunately.


If you are working with the Recurring Payments APIs, I actually built a tool for a client of mine that will do exactly what you're wanting. You can contact me directly if you'd like to see about using it.



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