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Adaptive Payment or Parallel Payments state ?


Adaptive Payment or Parallel Payments state ?

Going to the Adaptive Payment page, Paypal keep saying the "service is now limited" to some selected users .


We REALLY need to create a simple service where unknown customer A, can pay unknown customer B using the email of B in our website.

We are in the middle(kind of a simple marketplace). So A click a button and pay B using a given email of B, and we have 2 options :


1. We get the money from A  to our Paypal, and move it right away to B, without taking any fee (is it possible in other simple way without Adaptive?)

2. We get from A and we take a small fee, move the rest to B automatically.

3. A pay right to B using some sort of link, without us being involved at all.


Is there anyway to do so without the Adaptive service - OR can anyone today use this service ?


Really struggle to achieve this simple functionality .