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2 webshops 1 paypal account - access denied

New Community Member

2 webshops 1 paypal account - access denied


I am experiencing problems with connecting 2 webshops with my business paypal account. I have set up one online shop where customers can pay with paypal - everything worked fine here. Now, after setting up a 2nd shop (different URL; woocommerce) and linking it to my paypal business account (using the same API as with the first shop), after clicking the purchase button on the checkout form, I see a page "access denied, You don't have permission to access "" on this server." instead of being forwarded to the paypal checkout page.


I tried to set up different API credentials (which seems to be not possible without deleting the old one), switching off auto return for website payments, adding a secondary e-mail for the 2nd shop, ..but nothing seems to be solving the problem.


I would very much appreciate if someone has experience with this problem!