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I dont understand the benefit of being verified?  I am used Paypal for years now and I haven't experienced any issues.  I have a credit card on file and use it quite often.  How is adding my bank account info going to help me?  I don't want to share my bank account information wit h anyone.

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Re: verified

I agree with your question. I have been doing the same for years. All purchase have been payed by my credit card on file with paypal. What is this account limit about. I lost an ebay purchase because paypal said I did'nt have enough in my account to purchase the item. I dont have money in an account with paypal. I use a credit card with with plenty of margin on it. Whats this with having to either take out an paypal credit card or gived my bank acount. I dont want them knowing my bank account if I only purchase with my credit card.  Can some one tell me whats going on here???




Re: verified

Am very opposed to giving Paypal my bank acct. info.  Have used a credit card for years w/no problem and if they cannot verify my id by now what more is there to say.  In a response from PP they state that "even if you link and confirm your card, your PP acct. will still show unverified and the limits won't be lifted."  HUH!!  Time to look for other options.


Re: verified

Hi All,


I can see you are all hesitant about getting Verified but at PayPal, security is all important to us. To maintain the highest possible security, we encourage our members to confirm their identity by successfully completing PayPal's Verification process.  The process will also increase confidence within the PayPal community. The more people that become Verified the safer the whole PayPal community becomes.


Verification is also necessary to lift the sending and withdrawal limits on your account. Once you've reached these limits, the only way to continue to use your PayPal account to send and withdraw money is to become Verified.


I hope this information helps you all.


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Re: verified

Why do we have to turn over our bank account information to get 'verified'?


If I link my credit card to the PayPal account do I not have the full limit of my credit card to use?


In addition, my billing address (a PO Box) is different than my shipping address (my mother-in-law's address) since UPS does not deliver to PO boxes.


I can understand verifying my identity, but why can't I use a notorized letter?



Re: verified

Where does the money come from to pay the seller after I am verified?

From my credit card?

What controls the limit of my buying: the amount in the credit card or the amount in the bank account?


Can PayPal or Ebay EVER take money out of my bank account?




Re: verified

Hey all, lemme try and tackle this topic; I know you've all been pretty passionate about it!


First, Isfinas, to address your question. Generally, you control the limit of your buying.  We won't initiate withdrawals from your bank without your permission, but if we tried to process a payment from your bank and never received the funds (for whatever reason) we may continue to attempt to get those funds.


As far as the general purpose of verification; once you've moved a certain amount through PayPal's systems (and it can be different for everyone) we are required to know a little more about you.


We use adding and verifying your bank account for this purpose since in most cases, you had to walk into a bank and provide them identification to open an account.  If you can prove ownership of that account, we use that verification to assist in our verification. Smiley Happy


You can still use just your credit card for purchases, you would now just have to select that as your payment method.


I understand wanting to keep your information secret. In the world we live in, that's almost become second nature.  You use PayPal to keep all of this information secure so you don't have to provide it to the merchants you're buying from. Nothing short of a zombie apocalypse would make us reveal this, including your bank account.





Re: verified

A paypal rep made the following statement regarding the need for verification.


[As far as the general purpose of verification; once you've moved a certain amount through PayPal's systems (and it can be different for everyone) we are required to know a little more about you.]


Can anyone explain the logic in that satement to me?  It would seem to me that I would be more cautious as regards a new user and not someone that has used paypal for years with no defaults or other issues.


I recently sent them the following email:

I have been a paypal user for several years and prefer using paypal instead of my credit card on sites for the added protection.  However, I have recently encountered a few sites that will not accept my paypal because I do not have a verified account and I had to use my  credit card instead. I would like to get verified but do not wish to add my banking information to paypal nor do I need another credit card. I currently have a Master Card and a Visa and both are listed with and have been used to pay paypal purchases. As you have my pertinent data I do not understand why I need to provide banking information or obtain another credit card to be verified. Is there and alternative solution to my being verified. If not I will continue to us my credit card with these sites and not paypal.



To which they replied with the following:

We ask customers to verify their accounts to help make PayPal even safer for everyone.


Here are some of the benefits of getting verified:

We lift your account limits to send and withdraw money.

Payment options. You’ll be able to pay with PayPal even if you don’t have money in your PayPal balance.

Peace of mind. Other PayPal members know that being verified means that you’ve given us extra information about your identity. This.


To get verified, link your bank account to your PayPal account, or be approved for PayPal Smart Connect, Bill Me Later, or the PayPal Extras MasterCard®. Here's how:

Log in to your PayPal account.

Click “Get Verified.”




To which I replied with the following:


Did anyone actually read my message?

FIRST – I do not wish to give additional banking information to PayPal or any other entity on the internet.

SECOND – I have no desire to obtain a third credit card.


In addition, as a retired U.S. government computer security specialist I do not see how providing additional information as regards my financial status makes using PayPal safer for me.  I instead see it as placing a target on me should my data become compromised as it would flag me as an individual who has been approved or verified as having extended monetary resources.


I do not currently, nor do I ever intend, on making a PayPal purchase that would require me to have my current account limits lifted.  Call me paranoid but I do not make any purchase over the internet that I am not prepared to lose the amount of the purchase, either by scam or receiving a product inferior to its purchase price.


Regardless of your security or protection guarantees ANY system can be compromised; if not by today’s technology then by tomorrows.  Having and storing more information as concerns my finances in no way helps make transactions more secure.  Having worked security I know that we cannot guess what the next threat or hole in any system but are constantly closing “doors” once they are discovered.


SO, I repeat my question.

Is there an alternative solution to my being verified without providing my bank account information or obtaining a PAYPAL Extras MasterCard.


If YES, please inform me as to the requirements and process.

If NO, then I will have to resort to using my current Visa or MasterCard direct when attempting to make a purchase from a vendor who requires a PayPal verified account.


I am not trying to be unreasonable but am I the only one who sees the irony in that a vendor will accept payment direct from the same credit card that is being used to pay a PayPal purchase but will not accept the PayPal unless the card is verified by verifying the account?


What I have not determined is if this is a ploy by PayPal to get me to obtain and use their MasterCard or a vendor ploy to get me to use my credit card instead of PayPal.


Thank you for your attention and assistance.



I am waiting for a reply to this message but I am not hold my breath that it is not the same as the last.


Re: verified

You are fighting a losing battle.  I have just resigned myself to NOT using PayPal anymore, when, in my opinion, it is like being blackmailed!  If I have, in fact, spent $10,000 and now require to be "verified" then they can simply do without my business.  I seriously doubt I spent $10,000 to start with, but if I did without incident, then they certainly don't need to know anything more than "I'm a big spender." hahahahaha  I have used up all but about $15 before I have to verify, so that's it for me and PayPal.  My favorite vendors have kindly agreed to simply take my credit card.  Far as I'm concerned it's PayPal's loss.

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Re: verified

Andy, I just was trying to list something on eBay and was blocked with a message about being verified thru PayPal. Thanks for ruining what used to be a fun pastime for me. Now I am told I am held hostage by PayPal to either give them my personal banking info or taking out yet another credit card to owe on. I guess you got me by the family jewels if I want to continue to buy and sell on eBay. Please don't embarrass yourself by preaching how your looking out for us as buyers and sellers. You know most people are hesitant about giving their bank info so they are forced to take your credit card so you can feed on our interest payments. I did give you a small bank account I had a couple dollars in. I hope that makes you sleep better at night. I won't ! If by chance someone hacks your system and gets my personal information I promise I will spend every penny I have trying to sue PayPal. Thanks for all your help.