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What happens if the seller does not sign for a returned item related to a claim?


We made a purchase and immediately afterwards, the seller's account was removed from Ebay.  The product was faulty and we now have a claim underway.  There have been no responses from the seller to any requests.  Now, I can see from the tracking information that the parcel delivery for the returned item has been attempted, but no one accepted it.

What happens if they don't accept it on the second try?



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Re: What happens if the seller does not sign for a returned item related to a claim?

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Generally when this happens, PayPal will send a notice to the seller asking them to pick the item up from their local office.  They usually allow three days for the seller to do so; in either event, it results in a refund to the buyer if the claim has arrived at this point.  I would say it's just a matter of time, at this point.  Smiley Happy





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