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Hey all; I created my account many years ago with an eMail address that is no longer active - and I know I can just "Add Address" and "Delete address", but I was wondering if there was some way I could actually change my "login name" on Paypal.com...right now my name is [oldAddress] - and I'd like it to be [newAddress], but without losing my account history, etc.


Any ideas>

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I've successfully changed from my defunct, hacked and closed Yahoo account to my new, shiny Gmail account. All my transaction history is there and everythign is good EXCEPT I can't use my credit card. There's nothing in the account that shows I've linked to my credit card, and whe I try to link it, the error message tells me that it's associated with another paypal account. Except it isn't. It won't accept that this is the same account, won't let me add the card and now I can't pay for anything, not even the holiday booking that I HAVE TO PAY FOR TODAY OR LOSE THE HOLIDAY!


I'm more than a little stressed. So far the phone number supplied has refused to connect, and the email form won't accept that the last four numbers of the card in question are "valid", so it won't even transmit my email query. I can't find any other way to ask for help. Paypal, after years of service this is my first major problem and my first major disappointment. Any real people out there got any tips?

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